Staying Positive In Light Of A Shipwreck

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. ~Voltaire

I so understand that being positive with a chronic illness (or life in general), frankly, is a huge challenge.  There was a point where I was sour and angry with my condition and was not very pleasant to be around.  What in the world did I have to be positive about?  My world came crashing down upon me like a ton of flaming bricks.  My life ended as I knew it.  I deserved to be Nancy Negative right?  (The guys I call Negative Norman’s lol)

Wrong!  (wrong for me that is) I was so miserable I couldn’t stand myself.  Where was that fun loving, goofy, smiling girl at anyway?  I missed her!

Being positive in the light of disaster is one tough feat.  However, it is like anything else.  Hard work and eventually if you bring it into play it will be easier to do.  I am most certainly not saying for you to turn into Brenda or Bobby the Bubbly with dripping over kill, just saying at some point in your ship wrecked day, find SOMETHING positive to say and think and I don’t mean in a sarcastic way.

One day I was walking down the hall (ok limping and whimpering) and thinking to myself “Damn, I am so SICK of hurting alllll the time, why the hell do I have to go through this”  my brain counteracted with “Jamie, STOP IT, you are alive.”  My brain flashed at that moment my son’s smile.  So, I sucked it up and kept counteracting every negative with some sort of silver lining.

Does this work all the time HA, no.  Just keep trying.  Not to mention nobody and I mean nobody wants to be around a grumpy guss.  If you keep spewing forth negativity every time you talk with someone, those someone’s will not stay around for too long.  No, you should not downplay yourself or ignore your feelings because how you feel is of great importance…just realize that constant negativity actually takes you down with the ship.

Wishes of a pain free day for you and (((Hugs)))

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