Can’t Wait For Fall

I know I’ve been quiet as of late with my personal blogging.  Anyone with a chronic illness knows that is just the way it goes.  The life of a sufferer of chronic illness comes in waves just as the pain does.  We have our good days, in between days and the days we’d rather not talk about.  However long any of those last is entirely a crap shoot.   It goes without saying that the bad days you just don’t think of anything else but surviving through it.  The good days, you’re feeling normal and happy again and you are off doing things that you want to do or even need to and enjoy life.  Now, the in between days, like for me today means; I still am not up to par but I am not down and out either.  This is when I do things, but take them very slow and pace myself and seize the moment to write something personal in my blog.

The past month has been a challenge with heavy flare-ups between a very stressful event that happened in my life and the monsoon weather and high heat temps effecting my body.  I so look forward to Fall coming.  My most favorite time of the year.  My spirits lift, my mind becomes more creative and my body seems much happier with less flare-ups this time of the year.

My perfect comfort zone for weather is between 75-40 degrees.  This is when I hurt the least and am a happy camper.  Fall brings me this weather.  Even before I was saddled with my illness, Fall was by far my favorite season.   Especially around Halloween.  I am a child re-born and giddy as can be. I went to Michael’s craft store about a week ago with my husband and they had all the Fall goodies out…pumpkins, foliage, harvest scented items, cinnamon….WOW just seeing and smelling that lifted my spirits.  I can’t WAIT for fall!

I look forward to the cooler weather, light breezes, sitting out on my front porch (without melting) watching the birds and decorating.  Ohhhh I so LOVE to decorate for fall and halloween.  Fun, fun, fun FUN!  I also get into my baking mode big time and even look forward to transitioning into winter.  However a desert winter and an east coast or mid west winter are two different animals.  I hear horror stories from those with FM living under those extreme winter conditions and the pain it causes them.  That is what I go through in the extreme heat.

Well, guess I should go for now and stop rambling.  Not sure what I plan on doing today.  I think today needs to be about getting my two bathrooms cleaned and house vacuumed and then after that we’ll see how I feel.

Wishing you a pain free and happy day,

Ode To A Wonderful Man-Rick Volner Sr.

There comes a time in life when you truly begin to realize the fortunate things you have and putting aside the negatives that try to get you to “forget” those great fortunes.

One of mine would be my husband, Rick Volner Sr.  My husband and I met believe it or not online and it turned out (ironically) we worked for the same company and never knew it or ever crossed each others path.  After chatting our first day online both of us had to leave for work and that was when we found out, we worked at the same place.  We starting dating September 3rd of 2000.  Please do not credit me with remembering the exact day because it is my husband who has a mind trap for dates 🙂 .  In fact as I am writing this I had to ask him and he just blurted it out without a thought!

When we first met I had my “doubts” simply because he was 15 years older than myself.  I tried terribly to “talk myself” out of dating him but he made that very difficult.  He is kind, gentle, funny, smart, faithful, goofy, loving, loyal, compassionate and has a LOT of patience.  That last one is a huge requirement to be with me hahaha.

Rick was ready in December of 2000 to marry me.  I was like “Not so Much” and “Back the Truck UP”.  You see, I had just recently come out of a very bad marriage already and sure wasn’t going to get married less than 3 months of knowing him.  I had never been “lucky in love” and ended up with some, let’s just say “not so nice” men and was very gun shy at this point.

Any how we married October 11th, 2001 and things between us were good.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our issues like any couple.  We are not perfect and yet we always managed to get through whatever life threw at us.  Like I said, him being the most patient person I ever met helped because I am a handful to say the least 😉

In 2003 my health started to decline and by 2005 I could no longer work.  This put a huge financial strain on us for sure.  I have watched, talked to and heard of relationships falling apart and dissolving when one spouse becomes disabled or is very ill.  I was terrified this would happen to us.  Fear set in along with my illness that he would get very tired of it all and walk out that door.  If he had of, I wouldn’t of blamed him.  It’s tough.

Never has he not been by my side through numerous surgeries, countless ER visits and hours of waiting, taking me to doctor appointments, being the only one working, running here and there, cleaning house, laundry, dishes, yard work and on and on.  He has NEVER made me feel guilty about being sick or said a harsh word to me.

My husband loves me through and through and has taken his vows very serious and boy has he proven time and time again the part of  “in sickness and in health”.   Many women say that THEY are the luckiest girl in the world and I’ll let them feel that way but in my eyes I truly am the luckiest.  I told my mother in law once “Thank you for raising such a wonderful man” and I say when he was born they broke the mold because I’ve never met a man such as Rick.

Honey, if you should read this…there just aren’t enough words to express how I feel about you and love you.  I am not sure what life would be like without you but I NEVER want to find out.  I know I’ve pushed your buttons and done some really stupid things and yet, you have always been the one person I really COULD count on and forgive my faults.  You’ve loved me as no other person or man in my life has and always it is true, unconditional love.  You are not just my spouse you are my true, best friend.

Love you dearly for as long as we both shall live,


Get Your Laugh On

It is without saying that laughter genuinely makes people feel better.  I love how great I feel when I have had one of those laughs to where my sides and cheeks ache, you’re out of breath and the giggles still keep coming.  It lifts my spirits and during that time helps me to forget my pain and woes.  Viva La Laughter!

Here are a few fun Laughter facts:

  • It’s medically great for your physical health and mind!
  • Children laugh up to 200 times a day
  • Adults laugh up to 20 times a day (I think we need to get in gear)
  • Laughing uses 15 muscles in the face

Laughter is infectious.  Ever notice when others around you start laughing the bug hits you and you chime in?  Babies are famous for it!  I know when I am not feeling “myself” due to the fibromyalgia I like to curl up with a good movie that will make me laugh or even a feel good, make you smile kind of movie.  Next thing I know I am laughing and forgetting about (even if momentarily about my pain).   Laughter also brings people together and opens up a line of communication with one another.

The television industry alone has put out shows that makes us laugh and come back for more.  Some of my favorites are Two and a Half Men, Home Improvement, The Bill Cosby Show, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, I Love Lucy, and the list could go on and and I’ve not even touched some of the hilarious movies that have put me in stitches.  I look forward to getting a laugh out of a really rough day or any day for that matter!

Laughter can also be a masking, coping mechanism for many people.  Ever heard of nervous laughter?  When I was a kid (still do it) and I would be getting scolded for whatever reason boy did I get myself into even more trouble.  I would start grinning and laughing.  Well that was taken as being disrespectful however I could not stop myself.  Anytime I was put into a situation of fear, pain or sadness I found myself having nervous laughter.  A person will also crack jokes (not always good ones I might add) to make other people laugh to draw away from themselves and their emotions at the time.  If another person is uncomfortable humor is generally a way out for them.

Stock up on the funny emails your friends send you, save them and read them when you are feeling blue.  I have a few that I go back to often.  Have something funny to share?  Call a friend and share that laughter with them.  Laughing with others is even more fun than alone.

So, come one everyone and Get Your Laugh ON!

Have a laughter filled day!