Can’t Wait For Fall

I know I’ve been quiet as of late with my personal blogging.  Anyone with a chronic illness knows that is just the way it goes.  The life of a sufferer of chronic illness comes in waves just as the pain does.  We have our good days, in between days and the days we’d rather not talk about.  However long any of those last is entirely a crap shoot.   It goes without saying that the bad days you just don’t think of anything else but surviving through it.  The good days, you’re feeling normal and happy again and you are off doing things that you want to do or even need to and enjoy life.  Now, the in between days, like for me today means; I still am not up to par but I am not down and out either.  This is when I do things, but take them very slow and pace myself and seize the moment to write something personal in my blog.

The past month has been a challenge with heavy flare-ups between a very stressful event that happened in my life and the monsoon weather and high heat temps effecting my body.  I so look forward to Fall coming.  My most favorite time of the year.  My spirits lift, my mind becomes more creative and my body seems much happier with less flare-ups this time of the year.

My perfect comfort zone for weather is between 75-40 degrees.  This is when I hurt the least and am a happy camper.  Fall brings me this weather.  Even before I was saddled with my illness, Fall was by far my favorite season.   Especially around Halloween.  I am a child re-born and giddy as can be. I went to Michael’s craft store about a week ago with my husband and they had all the Fall goodies out…pumpkins, foliage, harvest scented items, cinnamon….WOW just seeing and smelling that lifted my spirits.  I can’t WAIT for fall!

I look forward to the cooler weather, light breezes, sitting out on my front porch (without melting) watching the birds and decorating.  Ohhhh I so LOVE to decorate for fall and halloween.  Fun, fun, fun FUN!  I also get into my baking mode big time and even look forward to transitioning into winter.  However a desert winter and an east coast or mid west winter are two different animals.  I hear horror stories from those with FM living under those extreme winter conditions and the pain it causes them.  That is what I go through in the extreme heat.

Well, guess I should go for now and stop rambling.  Not sure what I plan on doing today.  I think today needs to be about getting my two bathrooms cleaned and house vacuumed and then after that we’ll see how I feel.

Wishing you a pain free and happy day,