Remembering Days of Old

Remembering Days of Old

Remembering days of old
where pain was not so bold
Taking life for granted
before pain took ahold
To move without a wince
body and mind now sitting upon a fence
Remembering days of old
each day walking with joy
only now to walk with annoy
Remembering days of old
where life was not so cold
where pain was not so bold
Remembering days of old…….

Written By: Jamie Volner copyrighted not to be used without author’s permission

Monsoon Pain

It’s 4:30 a.m. and I’ve hardly slept all night.  It’s monsoon season in Southern Arizona and for me personally, that means flareup-hell.  I would have to say that summer is my worst fibro season of the four.  I despise the heat with a passion and anything over 85 degrees is my enemy.  My  hypotension gets worse, my whole body swells up and every inch of me hurts.   Bears hibernate in the winter, I hibernate in the summer and rarely go outside of my front door.  Why live here?  Trust me, if I could live someplace else I would but financially that kind of move is not in the cards.

It is painful even typing in my blog but hey, I’m just hoping and waiting to see if the pain medicine I took will work or not.  That is a crap shoot, waiting to see if the pain meds work because 80% of the time they do not so for the most part I don’t try.  However, my pain levels are through the roof so I had to give it a shot.

I find it crazy that the weather effects how your body feels.  I’ve had my patients tell me or hear other people in general who have had bone injuries, arthritis etc. say they were a human weather vanes.  They could feel pain or stiffness in their bodies when the weather would change long before any weatherman gave warnings.  Boy, they were not kidding!  So, hey, if you want to know what the weather is like, we tend to be more accurate than a meteorologist lol.  So,  the next 3 months will be a bumpy ride of pain and exhaustion higher than normal for me.

A bit of Tucson monsoon history:

I have lived in Tucson for 20 years now and the monsoon season was something I looked forward too with a passion.  I LOVE thunder and lightening and to hear the deep  rumbling sounds through the sky and then the scent of rain upon the air and then BANG the deafening crack of thunder and lightening will come and out of  no where the rain would pour was a rush!  It used to be you could literally set your watch for around 4:15-4:30pm and you knew the monsoon was about to begin and made sure you were not driving on the road at the time lol.  The skies would swirl with deep black clouds and the rumbling would get louder and the sweet release of rain would come and drop our horrid high temperatures down 20 degrees instantly.    Monsoons are nothing to play around with however, they cause severe damage and fatalities.

Sadly, over the past 10 years I’ve watched our monsoon seasons just become hot,  humid with high barometric pressure with very little blessed rain.  Okay spitting is not rain and getting a few minutes of that only makes the humidity worse.  Since Tucson is so built up now storms and rain will have a tendency to flow past the concreted areas and head for open land.  The land draws the rain, concrete buildings do not.  They say the biggest culprit is El Nino and that is what has been keeping the monsoons away.  Well this year they say El Nino is “behaving” and we will see our monsoons again.  Well, this weekend was supposed to be our first “real monsoon” with lots of rain…ya ummmm not so much.  No rain, not a drop.  I did hear some got a wee bit but as a general rule, no.

Even though this season causes me pain I long for rain, rain, rain to at least bring some relief to this awful heat.

Okay well, that’s all I have to say about that.

Have a pain free day,